Friday, April 28, 2006

sorry about that last post -- my computer made me veeeeeerrrry angry.

i dont like harper -- i think hes to deep in american politics to want to properly represent canadians. i personaly think that our best option would be to diversify our markets enough that american buisness is less than 25%of our global consumers. It would take awhile but it would help to stabilize and expand our markets.

Im sick of canada getting fucked in nafta. Its a terrible deal. Almost as badas the NEP -- i dont like that i liove ontop of the largest oil reserve outside of the middle east and my oil prices are higher than in the rest of my country. I also dont like that our province only taxes oil profits by 1%. These people are RAPING the earth, people, and economy. And were taking home 1%???? jeez. The ceo of 1 company is taking home over a grand a day. Hes making over 350 000 a year -- not including his private investments and massive benifits and gazzillion dollar pension.

Im sorry -- i dont like it when corprations get to fuck with my environment - i dont like it when corperations make massive profits by killing the environment - and i dont like it when they charge me hand and foot for a product and then go run off with all the profits. (i expecially hate it when they do all 3 at once)

Trickle down theory my ass -- Reagan didnt realize that the rich have a tendancy to find the best ways of "preserving" thier wealth.

Give the middle calss some money - thats where the economic movement will be made. Small buisness and such.


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