Sunday, April 09, 2006

I am the gnu post...


I am a post: i tell you about things i think and then you listen. Like it? K:

So im poor and jobless in the city. Send me money. Please.

Last lost episode was TERRIBLE!!! It was empty and (a word that my hippy friend Genisis used) vapid.

The theory that lost is all in a characters head is silly. OF COURSE ITS IN THERE HEADS!!!! You have no choice but to react to what you consider reality. So if your brain tels you its real then you need to react like its real. This is why the matrix rocked and didnt rock. Some of the philosiphy makes you think of a highschool student gettting baked and wondering if hes a butterfly dreaming of being a man. (i never got high in high school) So yeah .. its silly to think that.

As a seperate note: Look up Marc Emery on your comp... Its a messed up thing thats happening to this guy. (hes wacky and kind of bonkers but that doesnt justify his treatment by our or the american government and it doesnt mean that some of the things he says arnt very very true.)

Legalize baby!


Blogger Genesis said...

You and your bizzare obsession with Lost. I'm a hippy... YEAH! My greatest aspiration has been realized.
In other news, I am poor and soon to be jobless in the city as well. And I will not send you money. I think we should go into the bank robbing business together. Like Dick and Jane. Only a zillion times cooler. And with more maryj.

3:33 PM  

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