Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hers my list of random shit for today.

1: God isnt your own personal little shit sucker. God doesnt agree with you. God isnt some asshole on a cloud. God is god. get over it. Im sick of people telling us what god wants from us. He put me here. Ill do my damndest to listen but reading some old book seems contrived for god. Wheres my burning bush? (i found God. He told me thatbeing christian had othing to do with church or the bible. FUCK I HATE THESE PEOPLE: They say -- "god crys when he sees us doing this shit" -- no he dosnt. God cant cry. "he" is god. STOP TRYING TO PERSONIFY HIM. And if god is that upset then why the fuck would he give us shit thats going to make us fuck up. Read the bible -- god made us sinfull creatures. Life with sin teaches responsibility and wisdom. I was an asshole to pot smokers before i rolled a few joints. Now i love them.

My point? God doesnt give a shit if you said your prayers. God wants you to live your life. So stop parading god around as a moralistic judge and let people chose religion and personal morality for themselves.

2: Capitalism is killing more than war ever will. Capitalism isnt bad -- just the abuses of it. I would gladly give over tax dollars to medicare. Not everyone can afford food or medicine. The people should be treated equaly. healthcare needs fixing -- but its a fair and equal system. (yeah its to bad that both the poor AND the rich get to suffer.) basARDS. Since when does money buy blood in the modern world?


fuck you computer __ its fucking up>>> im to pissed of to write anyomer


Blogger Genesis said...

Anger abounds. Calm down Finch!! There are plenty of problems in the world. Chose the battle you wish to fight, and be contented with that. Things are happening for a reason. You don't have to like what is going on, but it is a lesson the humanity apparently has to learn for some reason. Being angry will not help you. Negitivity only breeds more negativity.

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