Saturday, April 22, 2006


Why do i have to be so damn good at getting angry about so damn much? I hate my family. I dont hate them so much as how they treat other people. Thier very critical. Grr...

I like JT's blog -- hes good at blogging. He has a cool list. Im sorry -- im just sitting here in my underwear thinking about how great the world would be if we wernt so fixated of superficial qualities such as beuty fame or money. Those are great things dont get me wrong - the way we go about achieving them is wrong. Shure bill gates has billions of dollars -- MORE MONEY THAN ANYONE COULD EVER SPEND IN A LIFETIME.

Yeah yeah yeah mikes a commie bastard i know -- but since when did money become a factor in your treatment as a human being?

One guy once told me that social security was a matter for the people. That the people with good in thier hearts should help out the less fortunate. Well thats whats happening -- and it allows evil people to jump ahead. Life is much easier without the moral concience of humanity upon your shoulders...

Grr... more to come


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