Friday, April 14, 2006


Today a homeless man gave me 1 dollar and 25 cents. He called me an artist and asked me to not say what i was going to do with the money but what i wasnt going to do with it.

Crazy people rock. On the flip side my family is visiting -- FUCK they piss me off some times. im 20 friggin years old eh? I should be listened to like an adult but noooooooooo......

Anyone else get really angry? and the only way to cheer up is to chat with your g/f and listen to GREAT music? such as:

Okkervile river: For Real
Teaddybears STHM: Hey boy
Chevelle: Send the Pain Below
Led zepplin: Dyer maker (our song)
Jimmy eat World: Praise Chorus
Finch: Mad World


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