Tuesday, March 28, 2006


so what does it say about our concept of freedom when a free people (palistinains) elect a leader in a free and fair election and we refuse to accept it. thats freedom on a third partys terms. i dont think thats free. Hamas represents the palistinian peoples. What the canadian gov is saying is that they do not acknowledge the palistinian people as capable of choosing their own path.

Freedom isnt just a western thing. It belongs to all people and exists in different shapes.

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Blogger jt said...

I'm not sure I agree with Hamas being in power even if it was elected. It has said that it will continue its struggle against Israel and only more bloodshed will follow. Remember that Hitler was VOTED into power. It's hard to deal with a situation like this because stepping in and telling a nation of people they voted the wrong damn party into power seems like madness. But that's what foreign policy is all about; diplomatic relations, good relations, making some touch decisions. Does this mean I agree with the Americans going into Iraq? No. But Hussain was put into power with the help of the Americans. It's hard to say whether the sanctions were a good thing or a bad thing. The reasoning was right but too many people died. Should we just leave counties to elect their own fascist leaders and pretend it's none of our business. The world is global and I'm not sure if that's possible. Buy why can't we just pop off the war-mongering heads of state instead of killing all the ordinary people we claim we need to protect. And if America thinks it has the right to remove the Iran government from off the map then what goes around comes around, anyone with the moral say so has the right. America is not the conscience of the world. It's stupid cousin isn't neither. However, someone does have to be and despots do not belong in power.

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hey..i left a comment ages back! thanks fr dropping by.
..n i see u'r upto gud stuff ;-) c ya mr finch :-)

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