Friday, February 03, 2006

Song lyrics...

lets look at ashley simpson lyrics shal we? well find what the really mean...

You can dress me up in diamonds ** shes material
You can dress me up in dirt ** She likes to be treated poorly
You can throw me like a line-man ** She doesnt mind abusive men
I like it better when it hurts ** She likes rough sexual acts

Oh, I have waited here for you ** Shes waited for someone...
I have waited

You make me wanna lala ** Shes horny
In the kitchen on the floor ** Shes really really horny
I'll be your french maid ** She wants to role play as a submisive
When I'll meet you at the door ** when you knock on the door shes there
I'm like an alley cat ** shes hungry???
Drink the milk up I want more ** she wishes to swallow semen. or lots of sex
You make me wanna ** She really really really
You make me wanna scream ** Really wants to be fucked so hard she screams

You can meet me on an aeroplane ** what shes saying here is that she dosnt care
Or in the back of the bus ** who she sexes up
You can throw me like a boom-a-rang** she wants casual sex
I'll come back and beat you up ** But shes also clingy and insane... (you know
** the type... like a stalker...)
Oh, I have waited here for you ** As i said, obsesive and kind of crazy...
Dont keep me waiting ** Cuz shes horny...
I feel safe with you ** Shes very trusting
I can be myself tonight ** She claims to have 2 personalitys
It's alright, with you ** She uses one for sex....
Cause you hold my secrets tight ** Shes trusts hes not taping it
You do, You do ** (but he probly did...)

You make me wanna lala lala...... ** She wants to rub her vagina...
You make me wanna lala lala.... ** she wants to rub her vagina... (or screw)

now ask yourself... is this hat 14 yeah old girls should listen to???


Blogger Genesis said...

I don't know about 14 year old girls, but I know that jessica simpsopn has been my personal role model in life and i do all i can to imitate her wondrous coolness. wait-- I'm not a vapid idiot! that does not constitute a song - it is audio soft-core porn. and children should not have access to porn. the end.

11:19 AM  

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