Tuesday, February 28, 2006

i blog ---

YAY! ever heard of bob the angry flower? hes awsome! Like -- mire awsome than misfile wish is super cool and funny

I havent bloggerd away in a bit so i blog now! blog that! HAH!!!

So... ninjas or pirates? i say ninja's are way more awsome but pirates are more drunker. mmmm drunkererest... i made that word up -- its mine

Friday, February 17, 2006

Profound thought...

Ed the sock is a genius...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


Me post new post before test... ERK!!!

I shoulda studdied more.... The old adage cut towards your chum and not towards your thumb? Well i sliced halfway through my inex finger... While i was humming that little diddy... Cut towars your AHHHHH!!!!

Hmmm Is there a lesson to be learned? probly not..... Tomorrow noght ill takes some, uh... "painkillers" yeah.... thats it....

Friday, February 03, 2006

Song lyrics...

lets look at ashley simpson lyrics shal we? well find what the really mean...

You can dress me up in diamonds ** shes material
You can dress me up in dirt ** She likes to be treated poorly
You can throw me like a line-man ** She doesnt mind abusive men
I like it better when it hurts ** She likes rough sexual acts

Oh, I have waited here for you ** Shes waited for someone...
I have waited

You make me wanna lala ** Shes horny
In the kitchen on the floor ** Shes really really horny
I'll be your french maid ** She wants to role play as a submisive
When I'll meet you at the door ** when you knock on the door shes there
I'm like an alley cat ** shes hungry???
Drink the milk up I want more ** she wishes to swallow semen. or lots of sex
You make me wanna ** She really really really
You make me wanna scream ** Really wants to be fucked so hard she screams

You can meet me on an aeroplane ** what shes saying here is that she dosnt care
Or in the back of the bus ** who she sexes up
You can throw me like a boom-a-rang** she wants casual sex
I'll come back and beat you up ** But shes also clingy and insane... (you know
** the type... like a stalker...)
Oh, I have waited here for you ** As i said, obsesive and kind of crazy...
Dont keep me waiting ** Cuz shes horny...
I feel safe with you ** Shes very trusting
I can be myself tonight ** She claims to have 2 personalitys
It's alright, with you ** She uses one for sex....
Cause you hold my secrets tight ** Shes trusts hes not taping it
You do, You do ** (but he probly did...)

You make me wanna lala lala...... ** She wants to rub her vagina...
You make me wanna lala lala.... ** she wants to rub her vagina... (or screw)

now ask yourself... is this hat 14 yeah old girls should listen to???

Thursday, February 02, 2006

So i shot him for givin lip....

Have i mentioned im insane?

Ever gotten one of those urges to kill??
no huh? well uh... me uh neither....

I just read this great thing. the "uncycloperdia" it was truly amazing. From kitten hurling battles, to external combustion engines... truly amzing.

Good song: rhymes with orange by steve sudduth. if anyone knows where i can find more of his stuff tell me.


Midterms blowify... they really suck.

So today i was in statistics... and i started to think... whats the point of grading large groups on a curve? Isnt the purpose of the course to teache material? And if the students learn the material isnt that what there there for? In effect, a curve could fail you iff you got an A- and give you an A+ if the rest of the class did worse...

LAME! Ah well. my teachers seem nice enough...

Is it just me, or are people weird... i was playing diablo 2 online and this guy started asking where i live and how old i was.... creeepy.... I told him i was a 14 year old boy who was angry at his parents.... now when he treis to molest me ill be ready, with 6 more years and a beard...

University of Phoenix