Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sword of Truth

Well- its still my first day of blogging. Interesting no? But i a going to eat some chicken in beeeer. mmmm. I love beer. I love chicken. mmmm. and bananas.

Why is it that the best books are fantasy and the worst books are fantasy? Some books are so haunting and wonderful. And some books are deamaening to my brain. Take for instance Terry Goodkinds "sword of truth" books as my girlfriend behind me says - WIZARDS FIRST RULE IS A GREAT BOOK. But theres also the issue that 8 sequel books follow. Not bad i think... I read star wars, and that had lots of great sequels. (prequels not so much)

So richard, or hero is proclaimed master rahl and Super wizard. Thing is, he doesnt take even an instant of his time to learn about his "WHUP ASS" super powers. So there he is - like sampson whithout his hair. Secondly he is the seeker of truth. His job is to debase lies and uneat cruel rullers by getting to the bottom of things. Yet after book 3 all he does is play jesus. In one book - i am not kidding- he stands on a mountain top and lectures about morality, and wright and wrong, and how these people need to change their lives. So hes not oncovering truth... hes spewing it. Not so much a seeker of truth now is he? Not only that but the one romance in the story is not a romance at all. What was a great pairing developed into a EXTREMELY OVER USED PLOT DEVICE. Kahlan/Richard gets kidnapped. Other party desires their death, or to rape them. Richard or kahlan saves the day and get back together for 15 seconds. Lather rinse repeat. FUCK.

Couple more things: Why does rape have to be such a prvalent source of writing? Half of each book is a description of some woman being taken to the sheets unwillingly. Its like the author gets off on it. I can see him. writing. and beating off with the other hand. Rape is evil yes - but it doesnt have to be the main evil just to make the villan HORRIBLE. There are litteraly 50+ pages in a row about how richard is captured by this S&M lady who tortures his penis and rapes him against his will. JEEZUZ! What the hell? Terry - make a fantasy story. not a "fantasy" story. I know rape can be a powerfull way to demonize a character but ITS NOT THE ONLY WAY!

Well. I will probly rant about this later aswell. keep your eyes open. i like to bitch allot.


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