Thursday, January 26, 2006

poligamy.... thats latin for pig fucker right?

Well. Im back! My gf has got a test tommorow. Good luck hun!. What else? not much... missed that program on cbc about that pigfucker in bountiful. What do people not like about poligamy? the fact that shit heads like you think its right to fuck more than one chick at a time. But your married to them both? Fuck it, its still cheating. Its not the sex we dont like, its that idiots shouldnt have any wives much less 1+.... Damnit that jackass pissed me off. Tell me... how many people that read this feel comfertable knowing that the person they love is fucking someone else and loving the hell out of it. Think how that would make you feel from the next room hearing that. Think how degrading it is to think that you are great enough to love 2 people equaly. Asshole.


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