Friday, January 27, 2006


well...Life seems to be returning back to normal...

Canadian elctions you say? I am angered because of canadian politics.... Everyone has to be a NDP, LIBERAL, or CONSERVATIVE. (forget bloc... thats facist shit eating canada haters...) So... whats my beef? That there is no party that represents what i want for canada... Socially liberal, while fiscaly concrvative. They dont need to give us everything like the NDP wants to, but they need to let canadians seperate themselves from the neoconcervatism south of the border.... THATS YOU AMERICA! I dare stephen harper to stand up and lie through his teeth to canadians while advancing facist/authoritarian agendas unanounced and unwanted by the people. It wont happen.

1) harper isnt a douche bag
2)Canadians wont stand for it
3) Its evil as all hell

So back to my wished for party.... Views: I feel that in the globalizing world canada needs to withdraw from the cultural vacume of the united states and trade with a greater number of partners over seas... DIVERSIFY!!!! Canada needs to open its mind to liberal thinking, (same sex marriage, legalization of pot, tougher control of cash given to third partys in canada.... {trust me... some people who need money also need someone else to spend it for them}.). Americans insult us with being to alike our european friends. I say good. Europe is a great place! Canada needs to focus its justice system on gangs and hard drugs like crack and meth... they fuck too many people up. Canada needs to be responsible with our tax dollars. NO YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING!!!!! Concervatives are to socially concervative.... liberals are money waisting centralists who cant see past ontario, NDP are insane spending junkies who will throw it all away to irrisponcible groups. The green party? GREAT! But will voting for them do any use? Something tells me not so much....


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