Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chateau Macdonalo's

The other day i was in macdonalds... mmm grease.

But this guy infront of me was a total pain in the ass... he kept bitching about his coffee, and heres what he ordered. :a sausage mc muffin, without the egg, and instead of on a bun on a bagel. WTF??? Just order a sausage mc muffin on a bagel and peel the egg off! this isnt a fancy place to eat. The eservice is crap and the food WILL kill you, but its good! Anyways, who is that picky about macdonalds? if i say extra pickles then i get extrapckles... if every pickle is stacked ontop of the others then i dont bitch! i eat my fucking burger! Ahh well. that pissed me off...


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