Friday, January 27, 2006

One hot police officer...


well...Life seems to be returning back to normal...

Canadian elctions you say? I am angered because of canadian politics.... Everyone has to be a NDP, LIBERAL, or CONSERVATIVE. (forget bloc... thats facist shit eating canada haters...) So... whats my beef? That there is no party that represents what i want for canada... Socially liberal, while fiscaly concrvative. They dont need to give us everything like the NDP wants to, but they need to let canadians seperate themselves from the neoconcervatism south of the border.... THATS YOU AMERICA! I dare stephen harper to stand up and lie through his teeth to canadians while advancing facist/authoritarian agendas unanounced and unwanted by the people. It wont happen.

1) harper isnt a douche bag
2)Canadians wont stand for it
3) Its evil as all hell

So back to my wished for party.... Views: I feel that in the globalizing world canada needs to withdraw from the cultural vacume of the united states and trade with a greater number of partners over seas... DIVERSIFY!!!! Canada needs to open its mind to liberal thinking, (same sex marriage, legalization of pot, tougher control of cash given to third partys in canada.... {trust me... some people who need money also need someone else to spend it for them}.). Americans insult us with being to alike our european friends. I say good. Europe is a great place! Canada needs to focus its justice system on gangs and hard drugs like crack and meth... they fuck too many people up. Canada needs to be responsible with our tax dollars. NO YOU ARE NOT ENTITLED TO ANYTHING!!!!! Concervatives are to socially concervative.... liberals are money waisting centralists who cant see past ontario, NDP are insane spending junkies who will throw it all away to irrisponcible groups. The green party? GREAT! But will voting for them do any use? Something tells me not so much....

Thursday, January 26, 2006

poligamy.... thats latin for pig fucker right?

Well. Im back! My gf has got a test tommorow. Good luck hun!. What else? not much... missed that program on cbc about that pigfucker in bountiful. What do people not like about poligamy? the fact that shit heads like you think its right to fuck more than one chick at a time. But your married to them both? Fuck it, its still cheating. Its not the sex we dont like, its that idiots shouldnt have any wives much less 1+.... Damnit that jackass pissed me off. Tell me... how many people that read this feel comfertable knowing that the person they love is fucking someone else and loving the hell out of it. Think how that would make you feel from the next room hearing that. Think how degrading it is to think that you are great enough to love 2 people equaly. Asshole.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Chateau Macdonalo's

The other day i was in macdonalds... mmm grease.

But this guy infront of me was a total pain in the ass... he kept bitching about his coffee, and heres what he ordered. :a sausage mc muffin, without the egg, and instead of on a bun on a bagel. WTF??? Just order a sausage mc muffin on a bagel and peel the egg off! this isnt a fancy place to eat. The eservice is crap and the food WILL kill you, but its good! Anyways, who is that picky about macdonalds? if i say extra pickles then i get extrapckles... if every pickle is stacked ontop of the others then i dont bitch! i eat my fucking burger! Ahh well. that pissed me off...

Friday, January 20, 2006


Hmm... for all those who find drugs weird i say hawtruchon...

Experience with pot...
Its like my mind can focus on a zillion things at once. My intelect is opened like a floodgate. Its like i can truly see the world as it really is you know? like illusions are falling down around me... Its not a stupid state... it seems to look like it because of the inability to communicate... but thats because theres so damn much to say! The world suddenly clears... (maybe it lowers our inhibition to the collective unconciouse...)

why do peole laugh when high?
Its because they repress their happyness, wich comes out as giggles. Why are we so delighted when high? I think its because people are amazed that they can feel so at peace, and human while still being in this dull demeaning world. Things are super funny because humour is a really peaceful and wonderful thing -- laughter is medicine right? Funnyness is a great way to satire the seriousness and depravity of our world... Its like saying "WOW ... I can laugh at this, because its really funny! My inhibitions about fitting in and being a serious person are gone!" Why is this good? because a world shouldnt be built on solemn moods! What sortof god wants us to be wearing a gray face all the time? What god doesnt like independant thouhgt? Would jesus laugh at jokes? YES! God is a loving being. He wants us at peace and happy!


Monday, January 16, 2006

We get all upsetabout the easter bunny... yay easter bunny... did you know the easter bunny is a tourtured soul? A sex slave, Raped continually over the hollidays by roosters! Evil roosters...

Well, back from school for an hour or so. I was all interested that my proffesor was writing a book... till i looked at my textbook author. damnit... That rules out complaining that it dosnt make sence... And i cant bullshit my way through it! DAMN!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

New postums:

Having a discussion over email with Matt Brown. Hes a right wing christian blogger, who is very intelligent and articulate. I may post the discussion later...

Weekend was uneventfull. slept lots, and made fooooood. I made porkchops and bacon in my new George foreman grill. YEAS BACON RULES! And i drank a beer and stood on my balcony nekid. Yup... nekid. Anyway, i need to read up on some statistics! uh... yay? not so much...

Friday, January 13, 2006

My day:

Bah... So tired to day. I need to sleep more.

Went to my religion class. Thats actually really interesting it seems. Its different from the other religious course material because its taken from a not quite so mundementalist view. (The bible is to be interpreted and some things arnt relevant). I like that. Man when i went to CUC in lacombe i would get in savage arguments with people. Wanna raise hell? Go into an ethics class full of fundementalist seventh day adventists and claim that a fetus is nothing more that a tumor in the first part of its "life". Jeepers.

It was a nice campus but the classes, living arrangements and "rules" were deameaning to me. Ill whinge about that later too. So heres a Picture of some CUC campus...

I used to live here:


Does anyone like dead baby jokes? I love telling em... I find them funny. Yeah, im EVIL, but their funny! Exept this one time in a movie store i was like:

Hey, whats eaisier to unload, babies or bowling balls?
BABYS, cause you can use a pitch fork! (sick yet funny)

And i turn around and this guy is glaring at me and his wife is holding a tiny little baby. ooooooooooo... Damn. I left pretty quick.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sword of Truth

Well- its still my first day of blogging. Interesting no? But i a going to eat some chicken in beeeer. mmmm. I love beer. I love chicken. mmmm. and bananas.

Why is it that the best books are fantasy and the worst books are fantasy? Some books are so haunting and wonderful. And some books are deamaening to my brain. Take for instance Terry Goodkinds "sword of truth" books as my girlfriend behind me says - WIZARDS FIRST RULE IS A GREAT BOOK. But theres also the issue that 8 sequel books follow. Not bad i think... I read star wars, and that had lots of great sequels. (prequels not so much)

So richard, or hero is proclaimed master rahl and Super wizard. Thing is, he doesnt take even an instant of his time to learn about his "WHUP ASS" super powers. So there he is - like sampson whithout his hair. Secondly he is the seeker of truth. His job is to debase lies and uneat cruel rullers by getting to the bottom of things. Yet after book 3 all he does is play jesus. In one book - i am not kidding- he stands on a mountain top and lectures about morality, and wright and wrong, and how these people need to change their lives. So hes not oncovering truth... hes spewing it. Not so much a seeker of truth now is he? Not only that but the one romance in the story is not a romance at all. What was a great pairing developed into a EXTREMELY OVER USED PLOT DEVICE. Kahlan/Richard gets kidnapped. Other party desires their death, or to rape them. Richard or kahlan saves the day and get back together for 15 seconds. Lather rinse repeat. FUCK.

Couple more things: Why does rape have to be such a prvalent source of writing? Half of each book is a description of some woman being taken to the sheets unwillingly. Its like the author gets off on it. I can see him. writing. and beating off with the other hand. Rape is evil yes - but it doesnt have to be the main evil just to make the villan HORRIBLE. There are litteraly 50+ pages in a row about how richard is captured by this S&M lady who tortures his penis and rapes him against his will. JEEZUZ! What the hell? Terry - make a fantasy story. not a "fantasy" story. I know rape can be a powerfull way to demonize a character but ITS NOT THE ONLY WAY!

Well. I will probly rant about this later aswell. keep your eyes open. i like to bitch allot.
so i wsa just flipping through some blogs... and a PENIS APPEARED. WHO BLOGS ABOUT THEIR PENIS? AND WHO WANTS TO SEE A BLOG ABOUT A PENIS? jeez. Who has that much uh... time? on their hands anyways..
well. the sun is rising. looks like a busy day of psych and french. gak on french. The thing bout french is that everything is sexual. the chair is masculine. the boat is feminin. WHATEVER! WHO CARES. A boat and chair will never sexually conjugate. so whats the point in giving them false hope? when was the last time you saw inanimate objects going at it? the purpose of gender is to steryotype sexual prefference isnt it? WHAT IS THE SEXUAL PREFFERENCE OF A FORK? geez. And why does the teacher have to talk in french. IF I KNEW FRENCH I WOULNDT BE TAKING IT. blah. im just tired

I will rant summore laterized/
Hmm-- It seems no persons are looking at thyest blog. LOOK! do it now!


Well! never thoguht i would do this! And yes: that is thoguht. As a blogger i reserve the right to spell and make up words as i please. Well, other than that its been an eventfull enough week. been reading some literature on realestate investing. heh... investing... putting what you have into something else. I guess i need to find something to "invest" with. Anyone wanna gimme free cash?

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