Friday, May 19, 2006

Its blog tastic!!!!

Yo genisis -- when are we comming over to uhh... "warm" your new house?

My life is not exciting.

It more exciting than watching skin peel from the retched souls in hell...

Friday, April 28, 2006

sorry about that last post -- my computer made me veeeeeerrrry angry.

i dont like harper -- i think hes to deep in american politics to want to properly represent canadians. i personaly think that our best option would be to diversify our markets enough that american buisness is less than 25%of our global consumers. It would take awhile but it would help to stabilize and expand our markets.

Im sick of canada getting fucked in nafta. Its a terrible deal. Almost as badas the NEP -- i dont like that i liove ontop of the largest oil reserve outside of the middle east and my oil prices are higher than in the rest of my country. I also dont like that our province only taxes oil profits by 1%. These people are RAPING the earth, people, and economy. And were taking home 1%???? jeez. The ceo of 1 company is taking home over a grand a day. Hes making over 350 000 a year -- not including his private investments and massive benifits and gazzillion dollar pension.

Im sorry -- i dont like it when corprations get to fuck with my environment - i dont like it when corperations make massive profits by killing the environment - and i dont like it when they charge me hand and foot for a product and then go run off with all the profits. (i expecially hate it when they do all 3 at once)

Trickle down theory my ass -- Reagan didnt realize that the rich have a tendancy to find the best ways of "preserving" thier wealth.

Give the middle calss some money - thats where the economic movement will be made. Small buisness and such.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hers my list of random shit for today.

1: God isnt your own personal little shit sucker. God doesnt agree with you. God isnt some asshole on a cloud. God is god. get over it. Im sick of people telling us what god wants from us. He put me here. Ill do my damndest to listen but reading some old book seems contrived for god. Wheres my burning bush? (i found God. He told me thatbeing christian had othing to do with church or the bible. FUCK I HATE THESE PEOPLE: They say -- "god crys when he sees us doing this shit" -- no he dosnt. God cant cry. "he" is god. STOP TRYING TO PERSONIFY HIM. And if god is that upset then why the fuck would he give us shit thats going to make us fuck up. Read the bible -- god made us sinfull creatures. Life with sin teaches responsibility and wisdom. I was an asshole to pot smokers before i rolled a few joints. Now i love them.

My point? God doesnt give a shit if you said your prayers. God wants you to live your life. So stop parading god around as a moralistic judge and let people chose religion and personal morality for themselves.

2: Capitalism is killing more than war ever will. Capitalism isnt bad -- just the abuses of it. I would gladly give over tax dollars to medicare. Not everyone can afford food or medicine. The people should be treated equaly. healthcare needs fixing -- but its a fair and equal system. (yeah its to bad that both the poor AND the rich get to suffer.) basARDS. Since when does money buy blood in the modern world?


fuck you computer __ its fucking up>>> im to pissed of to write anyomer

i wrote a full fucking page and my computer fucked up and nmow its fucking gone

Fuck you.

And you.

Saturday, April 22, 2006


Why do i have to be so damn good at getting angry about so damn much? I hate my family. I dont hate them so much as how they treat other people. Thier very critical. Grr...

I like JT's blog -- hes good at blogging. He has a cool list. Im sorry -- im just sitting here in my underwear thinking about how great the world would be if we wernt so fixated of superficial qualities such as beuty fame or money. Those are great things dont get me wrong - the way we go about achieving them is wrong. Shure bill gates has billions of dollars -- MORE MONEY THAN ANYONE COULD EVER SPEND IN A LIFETIME.

Yeah yeah yeah mikes a commie bastard i know -- but since when did money become a factor in your treatment as a human being?

One guy once told me that social security was a matter for the people. That the people with good in thier hearts should help out the less fortunate. Well thats whats happening -- and it allows evil people to jump ahead. Life is much easier without the moral concience of humanity upon your shoulders...

Grr... more to come

Friday, April 14, 2006


Today a homeless man gave me 1 dollar and 25 cents. He called me an artist and asked me to not say what i was going to do with the money but what i wasnt going to do with it.

Crazy people rock. On the flip side my family is visiting -- FUCK they piss me off some times. im 20 friggin years old eh? I should be listened to like an adult but noooooooooo......

Anyone else get really angry? and the only way to cheer up is to chat with your g/f and listen to GREAT music? such as:

Okkervile river: For Real
Teaddybears STHM: Hey boy
Chevelle: Send the Pain Below
Led zepplin: Dyer maker (our song)
Jimmy eat World: Praise Chorus
Finch: Mad World

Sunday, April 09, 2006

I am the gnu post...


I am a post: i tell you about things i think and then you listen. Like it? K:

So im poor and jobless in the city. Send me money. Please.

Last lost episode was TERRIBLE!!! It was empty and (a word that my hippy friend Genisis used) vapid.

The theory that lost is all in a characters head is silly. OF COURSE ITS IN THERE HEADS!!!! You have no choice but to react to what you consider reality. So if your brain tels you its real then you need to react like its real. This is why the matrix rocked and didnt rock. Some of the philosiphy makes you think of a highschool student gettting baked and wondering if hes a butterfly dreaming of being a man. (i never got high in high school) So yeah .. its silly to think that.

As a seperate note: Look up Marc Emery on your comp... Its a messed up thing thats happening to this guy. (hes wacky and kind of bonkers but that doesnt justify his treatment by our or the american government and it doesnt mean that some of the things he says arnt very very true.)

Legalize baby!

Thursday, March 30, 2006


This tv show is aaaammmmmaaaazzzzziiiiinnngggg.

So whats gnuw>>>??? --- i watched a video of a guy called "marajuanna man" goes to amsterdam. I reached a revelation. Old people look funny high.

lost was great .. what was on the blast door huh?



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